Craig Lincoln

9th year in RSG!

RSG! School: Byrd Middle Shcool

Sport: Diving

Olympic Games: 1972

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

College: University of Minnesota


Craig competed in his first diving contest at age 14 and never looked back. His participation in the sport took him from junior high through high school and then to the University of Minnesota, where he led the swimming and diving team in scoring.  In addition to winning Big Ten Conference and NCAA Championships, he was named Team Captain, earned an academic scholarship, and was awarded the university‚Äôs prestigious Conference Medal of Honor for Outstanding Scholarship and Athletic Achievement.

His success in diving took him all over the United States and Canada, to Europe and South America, and culminated at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.  There, representing the U.S. against the best in the world, he won the bronze medal in the springboard event.

When Lincoln left the world of athletics for the corporate world, he applied the lessons he had learned as an NCAA athlete and Olympian to rise to Vice President of Sales and Management Training for a $40 billion dollar financial company.

Since 1996, Craig has traveled extensively, leading seminars and working with sales teams in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, China and Hong Kong.  But he never lost his love for diving.  He remained active in the sport, and in 2001, he returned to the Munich Olympic Stadium for the World Masters Aquatics Games.  There, in the same pool and on the same platform thirty years after winning the Olympic bronze medal, Craig reprised his dives against the best Masters divers in the world.

This time he won the gold!