Student Testimonials

“You taught us the importance of showing up.”

Your messages are always so motivational. Even though I don’t participate in after school sports, I still enjoy hearing them, and I benefit from them.

Ready, Set, Gold is awesome. This program helped me get up & be active. It helped me realize how important physical education really is. It was awesome meeting famous olympian David Brinton! This program taught me how to do a proper push up & how to pace myself on the track. Overall, this program really helped and I loved it!

I used to be some one that barely did sports. Now I love sports, especially basketball. I used to be able to do 1 push-up now I can do 3. Ready, Set, Gold is a amazing program. It makes me active. Our school is so lucky to have this active program. If I had to choose a program for our school it would be Ready, Set, Gold.

I really liked Ready, Set, Gold. I like Ready, Set, Gold because it changed my lifestyle why because I would never past my self now I can. It also changed my life by making my legs stronger for soccer. Another thing I like of Ready, Set, Gold because just in those 5 months can change a lot and it did thanks Ready Set Gold.

P.S. Thanks for brining David Brinton.

I really like Ready Set Gold. Every time I get back from P.E. I get a good feeling that I’ve accomplished something. My favorite exercise is the mile run! That is why I like Ready, Set Gold!

Wow, have you tried the Ready, Set, Gold program. It helps you stay healthy and fit. Before the program, I could not even do a single push up and now I can do 3. I say that the best was meeting David Brinton a champion of cycling. Another thing is the running. Before I was a running turtle, and now I’m a running cheetah.

I learned that if I put my heart in it I can do anything

Dear Bernadine, Thank you for your support with the RSG! program! It was a great experience working with 49th St. Elementary. It was a pleasure with with you!!

Dear Mr. O’hara Thank you for informing us about the Olympic activities. I enjoyed the lesson on volleyball and I had fun playing it. Thank you for instructing us on volleyball. It was fun being in Ready, Set, Gold group.

Dear Mr. O’hara, I wanted to thank you for instructing volleyball lessons and the books that you gave us telling us about the olympic activities that you did. Also for letting us hold the torch and for showing us the great pictures.

Dear Mr. O’hara, thank you for informing us about Olympic activities and instructing fitness lessons on volleyball. It was so fun spending time with you. I was very interested about your life. My favorites session with you was the last one with the botons. Hope you have a great time!

Teacher Testimonials

“Yesterday was fantastic!! Thank you for the opportunity to be on the panel, always an honor to speak about RSG.”

-Christine Berni Ramos, Elizabeth Learning Center, LAUSD PE Lead/Mentor

“We had a wonderful visit with Dwight.  He is a motivating speaker and he kept the students’  attention throughout the presentation.  We had ROTC color guard and a student sang the national anthem.  We passed out the RSG booklets to those students who asked questions about Dwight’s Olympic experience. I had the students watch the DVD at the end of the presentation, he signed autographs and visited.  He is a great!”

-Nora Legaspi, South Gate Senior High

“As always – a GREAT SESSION!  David Brinton is an amazing athlete, coach, and inspirational speaker that relates extremely well with all students.”

-Pat Falzone, Calabash Charter Academy

We had Roberta Belle here on Friday November 18th to work with our 5th graders. She was truly inspirational to us all. The kids were captivated by her words as well as the DVD she brought. Lots of “ohhs” and “ahhs.” It was awesome! We had her come during PE class which is held on Fridays at 11:00. This worked out wonderfully. I look forward to having Roberta back.

-Anne Puccini, Castle Heights Elementary

“Thanks for such a wonderful morning.  The kids cannot stop talking about Mr. Mark [Crear]!!!  As short and sweet as the assembly was, I think the impact was great.”

-Jackie Metroka, KIPP LA Prep Middle School

“I want to send many thanks for the invitation to the cycling event at the Home Depot Center.  It was very exciting to watch and the kids loved it.  We liked it so much, we also went on Sunday to watch the tandem races.  Thank You for thinking of us we appreciate it!”

-Julia Madrigal, Foshay Learning Center

You are welcome and thank you for having a wonderful program for our young people.

Kayrn Alexander, Brentwood

“South Gate High School and Ready,Set,Gold! presented Fitnessgram awards to the outstanding 9th grade Fitnessgram students during period 3 Physical Education class yesterday.  Olympian Dwight Stones commended the students on all of their fitness training and improvement during the year.  He stressed the importance of continuing to stay fit and making exercise a part of their daily lifestyle.  P.E. teachers Mr. Fowler and Mrs. Fowler-Bustos both spoke positively about each of their students who were awarded certificates signed by Dwight Stones.  One of the highlights was recognizing the student who ran each mile test and improved despite wearing a brace on his leg.  Another student had lost weight and improved her self-esteem received recognition.  This young lady was so surprised she had tears in her eyes as she was given her award.  Thanks to Ready, Set, Gold! and our wonderful Olympian Dwight Stones for making an impact on the lives of our young people at South Gate High School”

Nora Legaspi, South Gate High School

“Thank you for attending our Junior Olympics today.  You added a touch of class to our program.  We are lucky to have you and the RSG program at Ranchito”

Alan O’Hara, Ranchito EL (principal)

Thank you so much for coming! (Meghan) Our students are so excited! They all wanted to know is you where still on campus during lunch! They were so excited about the assembly and the upcoming visits! WE ARE ALL SO EXCITED TO HAVE READY, SET, GOLD! PROGRAM AND MEGHAN BE PART OF 49TH STREET! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is an experience that our student and staff will surely remember! Thank you again!!!!!!! 🙂

Ivette Beltran, 49th St. EL

Olympian Testimonials

One student, Mercedes, made a goal to lose 15 pounds by test time and I said that I would bring in my Olympic medal if she does! A great goal that represents what Ready, Set, Gold! is all about!

– Mark Crear, ’96 (S), ’00 (B)

WOW, what a wonderful experience at Darby. I am sure you will hear the details. One boy came up to me and said, “thank you so much for being such an inspiration.”

-David Brinton, ’88 Cycling

Fantastic report! If all of our Olympians connect with the students the way Henry [Tillman] does, we will light the world on fire through Ready, Set, Gold! Thank you Henry!

-Peter Vidmar, ’84 Gymnastics

“We had a very successful day on Friday at ELC. Cathy Marino is truly the best!”

-Kelly Rickon Mitchell, ’80, ’84 Rowing

“I went to my school today and I really loved it.  The children are very warm and receptive. They gave me a very honorable welcome. I think I will love this school.”

Rosalyn Bryant Clark, ’76 Track

“Paul [Gonzalez] and I visited Roosevelt High School on [Tuesday and Thursday]. We had a great time. Coach Mayeda, Coach Dora and the other staff of coaches are the most caring teachers I know.”

-Rey Brown, High Jump ‘68

“The students at John Mack EL were just amazing! So prepared and ready to listen! It was a delight speaking to these group of students!! I had so much fun with them. They were so engaged and asked a lot of questions as well.  I was running late but Grace (JM’s contact person) was wonderful enough to accommodate my lateness. “

-Becky Kim, ’08 Synchronized Swimming

“I really enjoyed working with the students at Carson High School. Especially, since I am a resident of the city. I’ve seen so much improvement in the attitude of a lot of the students since my first visit. Most of them really put forth an “Olympic Style” effort to do their best whenever I’m there. In fact, on every one of my visits, I always get a few students that like to challenge me to a race or to a push-up competition. I am a true believer in the Ready, Set, Gold program. It definitely plays a significant role in a lot of young students’ lives by providing World Class encouragement, education and motivation from some of the greatest Olympians. I am grateful for the opportunity to impact so many students.”

-Steve Lewis, ’92 Track and Field

I just went to my 4th visit at 49th St. Elementary. All the students did so well and improved so much! Maya Rosas–the coordinator–printed out Congratulation certificates for everyone–the kids were sooo excited! “My mom won’t believe this!”, said a couple of the students. It’s been a fun time with this group. ]
-Shannon Downing, ’98, ’02 Snow Boarding

FYI- The kids were amazing during their Fitnessgram testing, We had almost a handful of children who ran the mile under 7 minutes, a couple kids who did 60+ legit sit-ups, and some of the flexibility testing was better than most grown-ups. Truly EXCELLENT!

 Chris Soule, ’02, ’06 Skeleton

The last meeting went great.  I ended up helping another class (not Mr. Rios’) but I could tell the kids were a lot more motivated when I was there.  I just wish they would be motivated to do well when I am not there!  It was really sad since it was the last meeting with Belvedere.  I really felt like they had become my family and it sure felt like I visited them more than 5 times.  Their hospitality was great and I really developed relationships with the whole PE staff.

Becky Kim, ’08 Synchronized Swimming

I was at Byrd to inspire the boys on their mile-run test on Monday.  Unfortunately, the rains had left the track in unusable shape, so we went into the fitness room where I got to work with individual students on aerobic and strength machines. I came back Tuesday for the mile run.  Dennis had 8 of 10 boys pass, and an overall pass rate for all students on all tests of, I believe, 70-80%. I’d like to believe I made a small difference, but in truth, Dennis’ teaching is inspired.  He really cares about those kids, and puts a lot into his work with them.
Craig Lincoln, ’72 Diving

“I told them I was very proud of them for becoming more fit than when I last saw them, no matter what their FG scores! I then unzipped my USA warm-up top to reveal that I was wearing my very own  “Byrd Is Best” PE tee-shirt, personalized with my name. I told them I hoped they would carry “Fitness Forward” into the rest of the school year and beyond. I had them give themselves a rousing round of applause, and then they broke for soccer. I worked with each of three games they were playing before saying “good-bye and good luck and good fitness!” There you go!  It was a grand day, I believe.”

Craig Lincoln, ’72 Diving

When I spoke to the total school assembly, after describing what RSG! is all about, every time I entered the school, many of the students were calling “hi Mr. O’Hara” as I made my way to the classroom or auditorium

Michael O’Hara, ’64 Volleyball

Today was certainly a great day. It was awesome to see the inspiration and success with all the kids at Calabash EL. This could have only been accomplished with the wonderful devotion that Pat put into the fitness gram testing.  Thank you again Pat! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will have the same opportunity next year.

David Brinton, ’88 Cycling

“Thank you for your support with the RSG! program! It was a great experience working with 49th st. Elementary. It was a pleasure working with you!”

Shannon Downing, ‘98, ’02 Snowboarding

Yes it was an exceptional assembly!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it Aileen, and also happy you were there! The “welcoming committee” was SO great and greeted me with beautiful flowers, posters, and smiling faces. Ivette, thank you for doing such a wonderful job coordinating the morning and making things run smoothly with the videos and most importantly, getting the students excited! I had such an amazing time speaking to them (a little nervous at first….) but I think they were in tune and focused with what I had to say. I am so happy to be part of this program and I am really looking forward to the rest of my visits at 49th St. Ivette, I will be coordinating with you about my next visit in the coming weeks.

Meghan Avrett, ’08 Synchronized Swimming